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The Team

ICT and Society is looking at any activity where society is using ICT to improve productivity, peoples’ lives and society as a whole. Current projects include:
Using image processing to enhance identification of medical conditions is an exciting field and we partner with the medical profession.
This research work proposes to develop a prototype system of miniaturized sensors for real-time tracking of persons in a distress phase situation…
Conventional poll-site voting systems suffer from challenges from lack of mobility support for voters, voter inconvenience, election misconduct, and possible voter coercion…
Learning Management System’s (LMS’s) “are scalable systems which can be used to support an entire university’s teaching and learning …
Frequent items and deep learning Big data, particularly in some fields such as the stock market, often involve frequently occurring and changing ….
Maternal mortality is a great concern in many developing countries..
In conjunction with an industry partner, Naidu Consultanting, a THRIPS project to develop software for asset management is currently being undertaken ….
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ICTAS2018 Conference

The ICTAS team, who combine unique skills to host the annual ICTAS conference is a committed group of academics from the Department of Information Technology within the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics, spearheaded by the executive Dean of the faculty.

The conference is the initiative of Prof Olugbara, who inspired vision and dedication to provide a platform for emerging researchers to network with academia and industry in solving problems in society using ICT.

Having a passion for research combined with organizational, coordination and problem solving skills are essential components for hosting an international conference annually.

ICTAS2017 Conference