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Francois Mouton will be joining Cyanre, which mainly focuses on Digital Forensics. He will be heading up the Incident Response team in the organisation, starting on the 1st of January 2019. The company is based in Centurion.

He completed his Masters (Cum Laude) on Digital forensic readiness for wireless sensor network environments.

The contribution of this research is the digital forensic readiness prototype that can be used to add a digital forensics layer to any existing wireless sensor network. The prototype ensures the integrity and authenticity of each of the data packets captured from the wireless sensor network by using the number of nodes in the network that have seen the specific data packet. The prototype does not require any modification to be made on the existing wireless sensor network and is deployed as an additional wireless sensor network. One of the main problems in wireless sensor networks is flooding attacks. The prototype is able to detect flooding attacks and immediately alerts the user and pinpoints the origin of the flooding attack.

Invited Speaker

2017    Social Engineering, How does it influence the Mobile Industry, Telstra, Brisbane, Australia. Invited to present on Social Engineering Awareness in the Mobile Industry. Presentation was shown Australia wide at all Telstra offices.

2017   Social Engineering: Top Ten Techniques of Building Rapport, Kimberley InfoSec Workshop, Kimberley. Invited to present on Social Engineering.

2017   Ethical Hacking, IT Web Hackathon Training, Pretoria. Invited to present on Ethical Hacking.

2016   Social Engineering in the Workplace, Meraka Institute, Pretoria. Invited to present on Social Engineering Awareness.